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December 3, 2020

Why Assessments Matter When Choosing Aged Care

Pretoria, 3 December 2020: When deciding to move an elderly loved one to an aged care facility, it is essential to remember that some people need more care – or a different kind of care to others. Someone who requires frail care will need a different level of care to a patient with Alzheimer’s or dementia. The experts at Fleurenville Aged Care Centre explain why It is essential to go through a full care assessment to ensure that an individual gets the right care.

Jan Heystek, CEO of Fleurenville Aged Care Centre, and his team understand why it is crucial to assess the care needed when someone moves to an aged care facility. “It is imperative to assess the mental and physical health of any potential resident before they move in. You may think that someone only requires assisted living, but the tests we carry out may indicate that they are showing signs of a deeper problem and they might need a higher level of care than you anticipated.”

The safety of the resident at the aged care centre is always of the highest priority, and this is another reason why the level of care assessment is so critical. For example, someone could forget their medication, leave the shower running which poses a risk of burning with hot water, or even fall and hurt themselves. “By doing the level of care assessment, we can be sure that each resident is placed in the correct care for their safety as well as their health and comfort.”

Not all aged care facilities do the same kind of assessments on their prospective residents, but Jan says that it is crucial to make sure that comprehensive testing is done. “At Fleurenville Aged Care Centre, we conduct many different mental and physical assessments. Assessments like cognitive function, memory, physical skills, potential fall risk and emotional well-being so that the highest level of quality care can be offered to the resident. These assessments are important at a place like Fleurenville, where so many care options are offered, from assisted living and frail care to debilitative and dementia care.”

Jan goes on to add, “Our level of care assessments at Fleurenville are highly specialised and have been developed according to world-class standards and specifications. We can give individualised results based on each person. We know that people’s needs differ and it is important for us to be able to give each one of our residents the best quality care possible based on their individual needs.”

Once a level of care assessment has been completed on your elderly loved one, you can rest assured that they will be placed in the right level of care for their needs. The team at Fleurenville pride themselves on the quality of the care their residents receive, and it is through the assessment and enrolment procedure that they can assure you of the appropriate care for your loved one.

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