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April 1, 2022

Incredible Health Partnership

As we think back over our lives, there have been startling improvements in health management. We know better now what we should consume or not consume. We understand how important it is is to keep our bodies moving. We have so much more information to guide us in making choices about our life and lifestyle.

Our lives have been severely impacted by COVID-19 over the last two years. The general population knows more about viruses, variants, immunisation, and infection control than we did at the beginning of 2020. The science has been amazing.

Each time there is a surge in the presence of COVID-19, small groups of key staff at Fleurenville meet to identify and enact the best strategies for protecting the people we support. These groups meet as often as twice a week and draw on the resources of clinicians, care staff, and staff involved in finance, risk, and communications.

Health management has been at the heart of these meetings. There have been critical conversations about workflow, waste management, immunisation rates, vaccination requirements, testing arrangements, mental health support, infection control, roster management, record-keeping, and much more.

One of the privileges we experience in Fleurenville is the opportunity to be involved in people's lives. We work with many people who share health risks because of disability, aging, and adverse life events. When there is a health crisis, such as COVID-19, the people we support are often amongst the most vulnerable.

Right now, the impact of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 appears to be a warning. However, that doesn't mean we are risk-free. We need to continue to balance our health management measures with our commitment to support our people to flourish and enable them to exercise as much choice as life within a pandemic allows.

We are warned that another variant of COVID-19 will come and that we need to be careful with this year's flu season. As a result, we will see regular changes to health management measures for some time to come.

As the CEO of Fleurenville, I am moved daily by the incredible partnership that we see between our staff, clergy, the people we support, and the families and advocates of those we support.

There is a profound commitment to working together to keep each other safe and well. My heart is grateful for people's kindness and goodwill in these demanding times.

I would like to believe that our earthly journey is part of a bigger reality. 

Jan Heystek


Fleurenville Aged Care

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