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May 1, 2023

Honouring Mothers and Strengthening Family Bonds

We are thrilled to announce that May has arrived, and with it begins a month of love, appreciation and celebration for our wonderful residents and their families. 

As the CEO of Fleurenville Aged Care, I am proud to share that our team has collectively launched various initiatives to make this month memorable for our seniors and their families. Our main focus will be on the remarkable role of mothers in our lives and how their love and support have made us who we are today. We have planned a series of events to spotlight the incredible mothers in our community and create unforgettable memories for our seniors and their families. 

Throughout May, we will host storytelling sessions where residents can share their fondest memories of their mothers and their experiences as mothers. These heart-warming events will bring our residents closer together and remind them of their invaluable role in our community. 

Fleurenville is all about community, and we have partnered with local organisations and community groups to expand our services and support. By working together, we can create a comprehensive network of resources for our residents and their families. 

We also foster intergenerational connections by working with local schools, colleges and youth organisations. These interactions foster mutual learning, respect and appreciation for the unique experiences and perspectives of all ages. 

To enhance the quality of life for our residents, we embrace technology and innovation to help bridge the gap between our seniors and their loved ones and create a more interactive and immersive environment at our facility. 

We understand the importance of our residents' mental and emotional well-being, and our tailored therapy sessions, group activities and one-to-one counselling address each individual's concerns and experiences. 

Physical health and well-being are equally important, and we are committed to keeping our seniors active and engaged. Our regular activities promote physical well-being, maintain independence and mobility and improve overall quality of life. 

We also celebrate National Nursing Home Week from 9 to 15 May, recognising the incredible work of our staff and care partners.

We value your feedback and want to hear from our residents, their families and staff. By listening to your experiences and concerns, we can identify opportunities for improvement and make changes to better meet the needs of our community. 

We look forward to making this month as special and memorable as possible and continuing to foster a strong sense of community and belonging at Fleurenville Aged Care Centre. 

We invite you to celebrate with us and support our commitment to providing exceptional care and services to our seniors and their families. 

Jan Heystek 


Fleurenville Aged Care 

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