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March 8, 2021

Easing the Transition into an Aged Care Facility

Pretoria, 8 March 2021

After deciding to move an elderly family member to an aged care facility, you may feel apprehensive about the coming changes and challenges. Jan Heystek, CEO of Fleurenville Aged Care Centre, explains how you can make the transition easier for everyone involved.

The first thing that the older person’s family can do is make them feel included in the decision. “Deciding to do this without your loved one will make them feel as if they have no say over their life or that you don’t want them around or want to take care of them anymore,” says Jan. He advised that you introduce the idea to them gently and allow them to look at different options. Including them in the decision will make the process more comfortable from the beginning and better for everyone.

Another critical step in making the transition easier for your loved ones is supporting them as a family. Let them know that they can talk openly about how they feel about moving and address any concerns, no matter how small they might seem. “Talking about the advantages of being in a care facility and the new possibilities that their new life can hold will help to ease their doubts about moving. Emphasize the facility’s benefits, the level of care they will receive and activities they can be part of,” says Jan.

Arrange a visit to your chosen facility so that your loved ones can familiarise themselves with it. If they have seen what their unit will look like and are familiar with the premises, they will feel much more at ease about the coming changes in their life. If possible, try to arrange for your loved one to meet the nursing care staff.

As the family of an older person moving into an aged care facility, the most important thing you can do is not feel guilty about your decision. “This process can be difficult for many people, but it is important that you know you are making the right choice,” Jan says. “Taking on the burden of caring for an elderly family member can be overwhelming. If the person needs full-time care, sometimes it is just not possible due to work and time constraints. Moving them to a facility like Fleurenville will ensure that they always receive proper care. Receiving proper care should reassure you that you are making the right decision. Don’t feel guilty about having this responsibility lifted from your shoulders.”

A good facility will also do what it can to help make a move as stress-free as possible. Jan says, “Our team at Fleurenville Aged Care Centre are ready to welcome your family and the exciting new chapter in their life. We will do whatever is necessary to accommodate your loved one’s concerns and make them feel at home from the beginning because, after all, this is their new home.”

Moving into an aged care centre may be a significant change, but it does not have to be a bad one. When the situation is handled correctly it can be an exciting adventure for you and your loved one filled with possibilities. The staff at Fleurenville are there to help make this decision easier for you and your family and to make the process of your loved one’s big move as smooth as possible.

“Although the transition into an aged care facility can be difficult for the whole family, there are many things that can be done to make this transition easier. When done in a loving and supportive way, the move can be exciting for the elderly person, and they can look forward to the next chapter in their life,” Jan concludes.

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