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Fleurenville Aged Care Centre South Africa (ACSA) provides assisted living as well as the care of elderly persons in need of specialised accommodation and nursing services. We have developed a separate, highly specialised unit focused on dementia, Alzheimer’s and physical debilitation care needs.

At Fleurenville, we understand that to care is both an act and a mind-set. For three decades now, Fleurenville has been passionate about the well-being of the Fleuries that call the centre home. Our experienced and highly trained care staff are supported by access to state of the art facilities and equipment. Fleurenville ACSA is the ultimate contribution to the South African elderly care spectrum.



To provide the highest possible standard of care to each and every resident of Fleurenville and to administer this care with love, compassion and respect at all times.


To see the potential for our residents to enjoy their lives and to keep growing and progressing as people – and to celebrate this potential by forging personal connections with our residents that reveal possibility and hope for the future.


To care is both an act and a mind-set. We are the paramount role players in our residents’ daily lives. This is a role that we hold sacred and we believe that our staff members and residents are interconnected by the mutual enjoyment derived from our daily engagements with one another.

We break down the misconceptions of what is possible in the later years of life and we do this by building closer connections to our residents to reveal their hopes, ideas and interests. This is how Fleurenville is ensuring a future that’s better – and even more beautiful – than what has been imagined for the elderly before. It’s a world that we invite you to inhabit, because it’s where we would all wish to be in our elder years.

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